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Cocca's Inn & Suites has completed it's renovations and is proudly celebrating its 52th year in business. It's longevity and improving reputation is due to the wonderful professionals that we associate with. I am truly privileged and honored to work with such professionals who stand out and understand our business & mission. To our community, friends, vendors, guest and customers alike, we Thank you for the opportunity of working with you and serving your hospitality needs.

All Petite Rooms, Renovated and Fresh

Celebrating over 52 years. Like Us! on Facebook and get 30% off Rack Rate. Cocca's Inn & Suites only. Reservations required 518-459-2240 or 1-888-426-2227 (1-888-4COCCAS). No other discounts apply....dates for offer expire December 30th 2019

We are AAA Approved and offer large & small rooms to meet the traveler's needs & budget... check our reviews.

Some Reviews say.... our Rooms are Elegant, some say small or tiny, some say micro or tight, some say cute & cozy; we say our rooms are petite....tell us what you say? 


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